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Brook & Dan | Lincoln Farmstead

I've never met such easy going, fun people who radiate positive vibes like Brook & Dan. I had an incredible time as their DJ/MC making their celebration memorable. They even allowed me to capture this wonderful video. Everything was perfect.

The celebration was at the Lincoln Farmstead in Huntley Il. You have to check this place out

If you are looking for a rustic barn feel then this place should be top on your list. From a DJ's perspective the Lincoln Farmstead is extremely accommodating. I was able to load my gear in easily for the ceremony outside & the reception inside. It was maybe a 10 foot walk from where I parked my car in both spots. This almost never happens!!! They have a fantastic sound system that they graciously allowed me to plug into to supplement my own sound. You can tell that they put thought & $$ into their sound system. its designed to cater their space perfectly. Overall Lincoln Farmstead was great. There is a lot I simply cant put into words. The outdoor ceremony & cocktail area is unique and fun. The owners & staff are amazing.

The catering company Chic Chef had two dedicated spaces to prep meals. The event captain Jorge Islas Martinez was a blast to work with. I don't think I ever saw him without a smile on his face. They always seem to be one step ahead of everyone. The communication within their own team, with the venue, and with me was top notch and greatly appreciated.

There are many moving parts to making a celebration like this successfully come together. The hard work and time put in by Brook, Dan, & their family, and of course a great group of vendors.


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