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The Stan Mansion

At Stan Mansion, the details, fine craftsmanship, and stunning luxurious aesthetic helps to bring your events to life. The exquisite marble-lined lobby and stage the entryway makes for a cocktail hour like no other. During the warmer months, use the lavish front garden to create a romantic and royal entrance, full of vibrant flowers that will help to accent your color palette. In addition, let your guests enjoy it for a quick moment of bliss throughout the night.

The brand new Bridal Suite is truly the epitome of luxury. The Stan Mansion provides a 2 bed and 2 bath suite as the perfect space for your bridal party to prepare for the night ahead of them. With an open concept living room, kitchen, and dining room, the suite offers a roomy and comforting space for you and your bridal party to feel at home in one of Chicago’s most historical buildings.

Highland Preferred knows the mansion in & out & is well suited to provide service throughout the Stan historic Mansion. Here are a few photos from last week!

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