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Vendor Highlight | Cook's Sweet Boutique

At a recent Highland Loft Event Venue open house we had the chance to speak with Cook's Sweet Boutique & try out some of their amazing ice cream! If you are looking to add a unique experience to your next event this is a SWEET option for you and your guests. Their ice cream cart is a great look in any venue in doors or out. Their mobile unit is ready to head to any event & they even make cotton candy!

Opened in July of 2020, Cook’s Sweet Boutique is a new-fashioned candy and gift shop located in historic downtown Elgin, IL. This beautiful, charming boutique candy store, features an abundance of classic confections and modern candy favorites to appeal to everyone’s sweet tooth. The nostalgic candy store experience from childhood has been re-imagined for the next generation, stocking everything from retro candy to all of the sours and novelty candy the kids crave today.

Cook’s Sweet Boutique carries the best of gourmet, organic, sustainable chocolate from Woodstock’s Ethereal Confections and features “of-the-moment-products” that are new and upcoming to the area, such as 40 Below Joe and other caffeinated confections. Additionally, they have many bottled sodas, fudge, caramels, macaroons, ice cream novelties, as well as a rotating menu of local artisan treat-makers and bakers who pop-up to showcase their goodies.

They also have two micro-party spaces for private events or families who would like to relax above the magic of a candy shop!

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