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As event professionals, we are under pressure to deliver on a number of fronts. Our events have to be productive and educational, but also memorable and inspiring. Attendees justifying the cost of attendance are looking for transformative experiences, and are more value-critical than ever.



What is Projection Mapping? 

Creatively bending and manipulating light emitted from a projector to transform any surface. This kind of technology is usually reserved for stage productions and theme parks. We have scaled it to be a portable, high powered solution to transform your space into something only limited by imagination.


So can I just bring my projector and play some photos on a wall?

You could, however, it wouldn't be the same. Standard projectors put out light in the shape of a square and you can’t control exactly where that light goes.


How does it work then?

Long story short we use top-of-the-line projectors in combination with highly specialized software to make that projector, and light, do exactly what we want. The software enables us to match the light to any surface, play video or photo at will, and make it sound reactive. We can even make changes on the fly.


Where can I use this awesome new technology?

Popular uses include:


  • Wedding cakes

  • Event space walls and ceiling

  • Corporate conference stage design

  • Sound reactive monograms and logos for all events

  • Business advertisement 


We can use videos, photos, custom animations or a combination of all three to transform your space into the event of your dreams. Imagine fireworks exploding on the walls, snowflakes floating down from the ceiling, or twinkling stars up above. The immersive, unique theming capability of this service can transform ordinarily walls and structures into something guaranteed to amaze. 


Highland Preferred is one of only a handful of companies offering this sought-after service in the Chicagoland area event scene. If you are looking to take your event to a new level of amazing, create a truly unique experience for your guests, make a statement, or simply stand out from the crowd then this service is for you.

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